The improvement of living standards, the rise of luggage industry and the change of demand will determine the market situation

2021-09-28  793

With the improvement of life quality and consumption level, contemporary people pay more attention to their appearance and image, decorating themselves everywhere from head to toe. For the majority of women, various styles of luggage have become necessities of life for them.

The use of luggage products for people can be defined from two points. The first is the use of functionality, to meet the different needs of individuals, and the second is the consideration of appearance and decoration, which will change with the taste and needs of consumers.

In order to meet people's use needs, the luggage market has ushered in a major turnaround and will form a new pattern. For the majority of businesses, it is the right way to seize development opportunities and innovate industrial institutions.

The innovation and breakthrough in the form of luggage is to enable people to have more functional choices, such as office, travel, sports, storage, etc., and different types to meet the self needs of various users. At the same time, the materials of luggage have also become diversified, including leather, PU, leather, canvas and other materials.

As the largest product producer, China can meet the raw materials for luggage production, which can save time and capital cost to a certain extent. This can also expand the field of luggage to a broader field.

The development of luggage industry focuses on the developed coastal areas

In the past 20 years, China's travel luggage industry has made rapid progress. The total output can reach more than half of the world's total value, and the export volume has also reached more than 33% of the global total, all of which are at the top of the world. At the same time, people's living standards are getting higher and higher, such as travel bags and sports bags are used more and more frequently, which can better reflect the changing trend of people's taste and needs.

At present, there are very good prospects for the development of luggage industry in China, and more and more enterprises pay attention to China's market. It mainly focuses on eight provinces along the coast, including Guangdong, Fujian, Shandong, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and inland Hunan and Hebei, so as to drive and enhance the development scale of China's luggage industry from the side.

The technology and core technology of luggage manufacturing are constantly innovated and improved. Since entering the 21st century, China's luggage industry has also ushered in new development opportunities, and various enterprises and businesses will devote their energy to it. Some famous luggage exhibitions have sprung up. When people's living standards have not reached a certain level, only the famous Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Taiwan have the so-called large-scale mainstream exhibitions. Now various types of luggage exhibitions emerge one after another.

In recent years, more and more Chinese enterprises have visited luggage exhibitions at home and abroad. Some grand and familiar exhibitions can see the figure of Chinese enterprises and compete to show their achievements. This kind of large-scale exhibition has played an inestimable role in promoting the trade transactions and related culture of China's luggage industry.

China is the largest luggage producer in the world and has broad development potential

Whether it is the luggage industry or other industries, most of them are OEM for foreign brands from the beginning, which explains why China is the largest labor producer in the world.

At that time, there were relatively cheap and large labor costs, coupled with cheap land rent, making more and more foreign enterprises pay attention to the Chinese market. Choosing a processing site in this place is the best choice, which can bring a lot of benefits to both sides and promote the economic and market development of China's coastal areas.

Another large coastal economic zone is near Jiaodong Peninsula. Taking Shandong Province as the center of the economic chain, it carries out cooperation and transactions with South Korea and Japan across the sea. Businesses here benefit from the natural advantages of geographical location, obtain production orders from Japan and South Korea, and then carry out processing and production in the mainland.

The development of luggage industry is relatively backward in the central and western regions of China, which are close to the inland. This is related to the increase of cost due to the long distance of production. Secondly, the backwardness in transportation and economy is also one of the main factors.

By 2018, the total market value of China's luggage industry had exceeded 150 billion yuan. With the improvement of people's consumption strength, the luggage industry market will continue to expand its scale.

Many international brands have unique advantages, first of all, the quality advantage of the product itself, and second, there is a relatively complete and mature business model, which can be effectively brought into play in China's huge market. Correspondingly, it also has an impact on some domestic traditional brands, which is not conducive to the development of China's independent industry.

Foreign enterprises will have a great impact on the development of local enterprises

Some big international brands really sell well in China. First of all, their price and profit have reached a high level, which leads to their broad market share. Many domestic brands still stay at the price level and have a broad market share, but the return and benefits in exchange are very low. Only winning in quantity is the only way out.

Some middle and low-end brands acceptable to ordinary people can't see long-term development potential. Affected by brand positioning, personality and appeal, they can only be more important than some consumers and can't be long-term.

In terms of the development prospect of the luggage industry in China, there is still a very long way to go. Although we are the world's largest luggage producer and exporter, it is true, but the biggest and strongest are still the so-called essential differences. Efforts need to be made to change from a "manufacturing power" to a "manufacturing power".

Effective data statistics show that the number of luggage enterprises in China has been increasing since 2014. In 15 years, the total number of enterprises now reached 446, 25 more than in 13 years. By the end of the 18th century, the total number of luggage enterprises in China had reached 770. From 15 to 18 years, these three years have shown an explosive growth trend, which also indicates that luggage enterprises have very strong development potential in the future.

The number of employees in the luggage industry has reached 1.6 million, and more than 70% of them are engaged in the sales of luggage, tool kits, suitcases and so on. It can also be seen that the best-selling category of luggage is more life-oriented and close to people's daily practicality.

No matter how the times develop, luggage is essential to people's needs. Only by readjusting the industry structure can China usher in new development opportunities. We need to shift from the traditional labor-intensive production mode to the technological development mode, reshuffle and seize the opportunity of market industrial adjustment.