Precautions for customizing environmentally friendly shopping bags

2021-09-28  948

When we shop, we have changed from using plastic bags to using environmentally friendly shopping bags, which shows people's awareness of environmental protection. With the popularity of environmental protection shopping bags in the market, environmental protection bags are rejuvenated with new vitality. In particular, many enterprises will cooperate with some customization platforms to customize gift shopping bags as gifts to achieve the effect of enterprise and product publicity. So, what should we pay attention to when customizing shopping bags?

1. Material selection

Now most custom gift shopping bags will choose only canvas or other solid fabric styles. Even if the environmental protection bag has a sense of design, its main function is to bag a variety of items. In order to meet this requirement, there are certain requirements for the material of environmental protection bags. Soft materials cannot be used. In addition to being unstable, they are not resistant to dirt, which is very inconvenient to use. Therefore, when we choose Custom environmental protection bags, the selection of materials is very important. Try to choose relatively firm and dirt resistant materials to have a long service life, which should be paid attention to.

2. Content design

Merchants present environmental protection bags as a promotional gift, mainly to promote products and enterprises. Therefore, we must pay great attention to the content design of environmental protection bags. It can not only reflect the trademark and the relevant culture of the enterprise, but also make it more meaningful as a publicity product. When designing the contents of environmental protection bags, we should communicate with the designers for a long time, so that we can inform the relevant customization personnel of the enterprise's ideas, so as to show the intention of the business through the contents. Therefore, when customizing the environmental protection bag, the content design of the environmental protection bag must be paid attention to.

3. Selection of styles

There are many choices for the style of environmental protection bags, such as long strips, squares, or other short horizontal rectangles. When customizing environmental protection bags, we must choose the style according to the main audience of the business. If the consumer group is mostly housewives, the environmental protection bag should be as large as possible and can carry all kinds of items. If you are a student group, you can choose a relatively short environmental protection bag, and you can put books. Therefore, when customizing, we must pay attention to the selection of environmental protection bag style.