Marketing development trend of domestic luggage industry

2021-09-28  833

Although China's luggage industry has only developed for more than 20 years

But its growth rate is fast

At present, it has become the world's largest luggage production base

In the domestic market, the future consumption potential is very huge

Increasing consumer demand

Products have gradually become an indispensable part of people's daily necessities

It can be predicted that the luggage market may surpass the export and become the main demand market in the future

The marketing mode will also imperceptibly change to adapt to the new consumer demand

1、 Brand building era

With the continuous improvement of living standards

People's consumer psychology is becoming more and more mature and began to chase brands

Enterprises have also begun to build a stable brand

The future luggage market will be a brand era

2、 Business model change

Dealers have gradually extended from the past transitional operation to the ranks of enterprise operation

The competition among shopping malls has gradually changed from region and products to brand, information and market share

Therefore, cultivate a business philosophy conducive to their own development

It plays a vital role in enterprises and businesses

3、 Changes in marketing methods

The traditional marketing method has been far from keeping up with the development speed of the market

Most of them are based on cloud speed data mining

Understand customer information

Quickly establish connection with customers

Integrate online drainage with store experience

So as to achieve the diversification of sales channels